onsdag 1. september 2010

The Soup!

Hi again!

Today i will talk about soup.
We have two different kinds of soup.

  • Leveled Soup - Creamed, Veloté and Purre "Dunning" not sure what this is in english.
  • Clear Soup - Broth, Consumé.
The difference between Creamed, Veloté and Purre "Dunning". is:
  1. Cream: is smoothed with cream
  2. Veloté: you can have cream or plum.
  3. Purre: vegetables evens itself.'
To make a soup, you need water, broth, vegetables, add cream and salt at the very end, or the soup won't taste as good.. This is a easy vegetable soup, you need to chop every vegetable to a very very small size so that you don't need to chew too much.

Remember as i wrote in the last article.
Broth is the basis of a good soup, so feel free to use my list to help yourself. It is accurate, i got a very nice grade on my tests so believe me :)

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