torsdag 2. september 2010

Vitamin Pill - Pills!

Vitamin pills have been a really hot topic.

When people need Vitamin D, they usually buy the pills because they won't have to endure the taste of fishliver oil, all cooks would agree with me when i say that taking pills is not very trustworthy. Unless the pill you have has been through the doctor's office, you can't guarantee that the pills you have bought is the real deal.

Pill fraud is becoming very popular these days, and the scammers are getting richer and richer. The main deal with pill fraud is to make a pill but don't have the right stuff in 'em and then sell it. The very pill you have bought might be filled with sugar-water, or even flour water. This makes it a threat towards people with diabetes or gluten. If you have diabetes and take a pill, be sure to check your bloodsugar level often to be sure that the pill you took is safe.

Just to make it safe for you people, i recommend to get the real deal instead of going the cheap way. It might be like comparing burger king to a normal dinner. You eat what you get, but then afterwards, was it worth it?

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