mandag 31. oktober 2011

3 years and now this...

Been having the same problem since the start of my years as a cook, and I never thought it could go further down as it has gone today..

3 years ago, I found out I had a problem with my feet. They just would not seem to be able to keep me upright for 8 hours straight. After I had been standing for 8 hours, I need to take a day break. Because if I resumed standing up, the pain would just come back after an hour.

Just to update on my life.

The season on the hotel has ended and I started working in a hospital instead, helping them out. Where you actually had to stand 90% of the time and have short 10-30min breaks. The pain gradually was so strong, that when my boss called and needed me, I just couldn't.

And to make the long story short:

I am now waiting for the hospital to give me an appointment so that they can figure out what is wrong with me.
Until then, I can't work.  My entire career has been a huge waste of time. And I am wondering what I am supposed to do next.


søndag 19. juni 2011

Tomorrow and a new fish dish twist.

So tomorrow will be the day that i will be starting off at work, the people there are mostly Russian, they know little Norwegian but talk mostly English (thank god). They all seem to be taking happy pills since they act so insanely happy.

The dish.

Okay this is a quite epic instruction on how to make a very good fish dinner.

You will be wanting enough potatoes for the amount of people you will be serving. (2 each person minimum).
Then you will be making a mushroom stue, which is pritty easy.

2spoons Oil or butter for the onion.
1 onion
250g champignon
2dl whipping cream
1/2ts salt
1/2ts pepper
2dl whipping cream (don't make cream out of it.)
2-3 spoons of flour.

Find a good casserole
Have the oil or butter (or both) in the casserole.
Cut the onion into 1x1cm squares, and then toss it in. 
Cut the Champignon in half, and cut them into "hats" (small mushrooms). Then throw em into the casserole once the onion looks golden.
Do NOT stirr at this point. Just wait untill the mushroom is getting smaller, which at that point you can start stirring. (Makes the mushroom shrink faster).
Now that you have stirred the shrooms, we want to have a binding to our stu. Which will be the flour, have some flour on them and stirr it in. Then we have the whipping cream in.
Let it cook for about 5-10 minutes on low temperature, you want to barely see small bubbles coming up.
In the end, we always add the spices. You can choose at this point what to have in the stu, but most importantly, taste with some salt and pepper.


The Fish. -  Saithe or Cod both should work.

Okay, now thats done. We have the fish.
If you got filé, good. The hard work is done. If you don't, i won't be telling you how in this thread, maybe later.

2 person

100g fish x4 
1-2ts salt
1-2ts pepper

Find some transparent plastic (for food). Then a little water.
You also want a small kitchen hammer.

Wash the fish, then have the water on the plastic, then have the fish on the plastic. Take the rest of the other side of the plastic over the fish. Now i want you to lightly hammer the file until it gets thin. 

Do this to 4 filés because you will need em for the next thing we are about to do.

Okay, you now have 4 thin filé, I want you to find the mushroom stu, and gently have some ontop of one of the filé, then i want you to wrap the other filé over the shroom stu and have salt and pepper around it. Then have it in the oven for about 8-10min on 170.

I am sorry for the lack of pictures. But this meal is so easy to make, and taste wonderful. 


onsdag 15. juni 2011

A tad pissed off.

Hello everyone!

Today is all well and sweet. Got everything ready for my trip, just need to wait two more days. ._.
Anyway, this is not the reason i am posting.

This however is why.
So, i was sitting here, minding my own business and then got the feeling for some sugary goods. You know that feeling right. You want something sweet, and you want it now.

Anyway, i bought this Maarud Tortilla bag, and i was half way through it. And wouldn't you know, this happened.

a Wild bit of hair appeared

This must be the most disgusting thing after any gore thread i have ever seen.
I am going to send this particular picture to Maarud  asap.



tirsdag 14. juni 2011

Quick update on how things are going!

Hello everyone!

I have read that most of you have been wondering what i will be doing at work, and the answer is that i will be helping out the chef, making the food for the á la carte, aswell as being a part time waitor, and i will be cleaning most of the rest rooms when needed to.

I can't wait to get started, but because of the school, they won't let me go before the 20th, that is if i get this application to them. I need to write an application for getting out a bit early because i got to work, or else i won't be able to pay the rent.

However, i have heard that the salary might be around 120 - 200 norwegian kroners. which is about $23 - $37 an hour. I will be working like mad :)


lørdag 11. juni 2011

Blog Name Change.

Okay, the reason i'm doing this is because it is quite hard to talk about one specific thing all the time. So instead, i thought about making it. The life of...Dan..?   Since it gives me a larger field of radius to blog about.

There will be recipes and information, don't you worry:)

ps. i might aswell change the sad background.


I will soon be working at a hotel which is located very close to my home.
I just figured i'd show you some photos of the place. 
This is the restaurant. Where tourist eat their dinner for a sum of cash.

And this is the hotel from the outside. As you can see, it has a very nice view out to the ocean, and tourists are pouring out from the boats.
On this picture, you can see the harbor where the tourist come in. You can also
see the hotel over there next to the red houses where the tourist will be sleeping.

I just have to say, thats quite a pearl. I can't wait to job there.


fredag 10. juni 2011

Summer dessert

Do you have rabarbra in your back yard? Then pick up three and make something good with it.

300g Rabarbra cut in 2x2cm squares. (DO NOT USE THE LEAVES)
100g sugar
5dl    water
optional: 1 whole cinnamon

Cook this up in a casserole until it split from eachother. You will notice.

Taste it, if it's sour then you add more sugar.
If you make it good, you should cool it down in room temperature first, then you can put it in the refrigerator.

Now let's make "Panna Cotta".

It is really easy, believe me. I could make my room mate make it.

So to make this, you want:

(4 persons)
1 vanilla bean (You cut it in half and you use a knife to get the "seeds" out.)
6 dl (cups) of whipping cream
1 dl sugar
3 plates of gelatin (you get this from the store)(Should be added when a faint haze appears in the casserole)
If you want, you could add some a piece lime juice and a little finely grated rind.

Okay, blend everything in a casserole, and keep stirring until the sugar disappears, don't make it boil, but when you see a faint haze forming then you should take it off the plate, it's done.
The gelatin plates should be in water for about 2-3minutes or until they have sucked in some water and become bulky. Then you squeeze the water out of them, and add it while the haze is appearing.
Yes, add the lime juice as well.

Okay, now find a suitable small cup to have the "panna cotta" into. If you want to use a coffee cup, then do so.

Put the panna cotta into the refrigerator, it should stay there for about an hour since it has to go from hot liquid to cold. What happens is, the panna cotta slowly becomes harder thanks to the gelatin. If it is too long inside the refrigerator, then it will become gel. 

If the panna cotta is hard, and you can touch it and your finger bounces off. Then it's time to try to get it out of the cup. To do this, gently use a small knife, stab it near the edge and make a circular motion around the edge of the cup. Find a plate, or better, a small soup plate that isn't so deep. Then put the cup upside down on the plate, and try to get it out.

If you successfully got it out, then it is the time to add the cold rabarbra "soup", have it around the panna cotta. Having the panna cotta in the middle of course. Then add some summer fresh strawberries.

This dessert will make the ladies fall in love with you. :-D
Creativity is the key.

You can even make the panna cotta into a heart shape.