mandag 27. september 2010

Waiter competition - oh boy...

Today's assignments in our class were to have a "showbord" or what they call a waiter-competition. It consists of decorating a table for 6 or 8 guests. We have a three course menu, and the theme is autumn. Everything down to the simplest detail has to be correct, even though i am not impressed with the amount of work my fellow students did in my group.

I had the responsibility of adding the cutlery, sheets, and the wineglasses. The others did a great job with the menu, but could been better with the decorations.
We did win thanks to our group-work, first place and the reward was dark chocolate and candy.

Our group had all the cutlery in place but was lacking decorations.
The 2nd group had a lot of great decorations and almost won.
The 3rd group had some errors, like choosing a fork for a soup meal and putting the butter knife the wrong way.

Got some pictures aswell.

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