torsdag 26. august 2010

The reason behind it all.

Today i will talk about the most important thing to do.

If you have guessed correctly, i will be talking a little about bacterias, and how they affect our kitchen.
Bacteria is the brick wall of our food, they are only "good" bacteria when they are treated well, and go "bad" when treated badly.

The bacteria in our world really like things warm, at around the 32-35oC temperature, if you have food out in the open, you probably have seen them rot, this is due to the temperature making the bacteria form (breed) rapidly. But if you lower the temperature, they will start to freeze, thus making them slow and unable to form as quickly as they should. This is why freezing food is making food last longer.

In the kitchen, when you are making food. Everything the food gets contact to will leave behind bacteria, the bacteria then will start to form on that very surface untill you have cleaned it off.

Whatever you do, do not use cloth to "clean" up with and then leave it behind and then re-use it. When you do this, you wont just be transporting the bacteria that had formed already inside the cloth, but you would make a gigantic hub for billions of bacteria.

The best way to dispose of bacteria is to clean it off with soap and a cloth, then use paper to wipe it off.

There are a lot to talk about when it comes to bacteria, but i am not going to write an entire article about it.
I am just writing the most important things to know about it, and how to counter it easily.

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  1. awesome!!! thanks for the Advice dude reALLY HELPFULL.