fredag 27. august 2010

Got Sauce?


Today i will be talking about the seven different kinds of sauces we have and what we can use them for!

  1. Brown sauce
  2. Bechamel (White sauce)
  3. Velotésauce
  4. Emulsification sauce
  5. Tomato sauce
  6. Wild sauce
  7. Special sauce
I don't want to go deeply into detail and confuse you with prefixes and stuff like that

Alright, let's start with the Brown sause. You make this by burning flour in butter until it has a nice chocolate color. Then you add water. You stir until it becomes thick and then taste, add some salt, taste and then you have a Brown sauce.

Bechamel is a sauce made by melting butter and adding about 1/2 of the amount of butter you use with flour. Then you stir for around 20 seconds or less, then you add warm milk. The warm milk will help you escape the horrors of lumps that would otherwise occur when you add cold milk. Now you should stir and try not to burn the sauce, it might become thicker, so you can add cold milk to make it less thick. The white sauce (Bechamel) should stay cooking for 10 minutes, just to get the flour taste away. This sauce should cook for around an half an hour before it is done.

Velotésauces are made from basically broth of whatever you are preparing, for fish you can make broth from the fish you are about to make. Thus adding it to for example a Bechamel to give it more flavor. A steak would require brown sauce. Really simple. I will explain broth later in another article.

Egg Emulsion sauce is made by adding cleared butter + egg yolks, you can make mayonnaise, hollandaise and bearnaise from this. The first thing you do to make a hollandaise, is to split the egg white and  the egg yolk from eachother, then you get a cooking bucket where you can whip the egg yolk under a saucepan filled with boiling water. Then you add a liquid made from cooking up vinegar, water and pepper. You will want to add the butter last, it should be a little colder than boiling. You will want to add the butter little by little while whisking really fast and hard because the sauce will become thick while you add the butter. If you have done it right, it should look really nice, if you did it wrong, well yeah you will notice. The sauce is hard to make due to the possibility of it to be ruined if done wrong.

Tomato sauce, to be honest, this is so easy that i will provide a short video that i found on
You simply follow the recipe, and voila you have a tomato sauce.

Wild sauce, the basic wild sauces we have are cream sauce, jegermeister sauce, pepper sauce and salmisauce. Wild sauce are made about in the same way as veloté and then you make a light brown sauce.

Thanks for taking your time to read this article about sauce :)

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