tirsdag 24. august 2010

Easy, healthy and tasty.

So you want something healthy, that taste good and really easy to make?

Why not make a salad?
What you need:


2 Paprika (Red and Yellow)
(Add more vegetables if you want to experiment!)

If you buy these from the store, you will have enough portions for about 3-5 meals, depending on how much you put into your plastic bowl. Remember only to eat when you are hungry, and it is not supposed to be a replacement for dinner. This salad is more like a breakfast / launch / evening snack. And it is really healthy.

If you are alergic to cheese or are a vegeterian, you can replace most of them with either more vegetables or fruit. I would assume that apples would fit great instead of cheese in this saladsnack.

Step by Step.

  1. Begin with the Cabbage, take two leafs and cut off the bottom "root" and other "ugly" areas. Wash off most of the earth. Then cutt them vertically with around a centimeter or two distance from each other. Then you cut em horizontal. (Tip, what i use to do is to put the two leaves ontop of eachother before i do this makes it a lot easier).
  2. Then you clean your knife and the trencher you were cutting on, the earth bacteria might give you food poisoning if not done.
  3. You will then head over to the Paprika, cut off the top by making a circle around the stem, pull it up and cut it in half. Clean the insides and remove the light "tissue" that the seeds have been on. Then start cutting the paprica facing horizontal towards you, and make long slices. Only by cutting half a paprika will give you enough for a portion.
  4. Now with clean hands, start mixing both the cabbage and paprika.
  5. Add the Ham, to the left.
  6. Add the Cheese to the right.
  7. Both the Ham and the Cheese got to stay on the top so it looks tasty.
  8. Wash your trench and knife and enjoy your meal = )

This entire meal 4/4 consists of:

Karbohydrates: 21,2g
Proteins: 101,0g
Fat: 27,6g
Fiber: 12,9g
Vitamin A-E-B1-B2-C

There is a little saturated fat in this because of the cheese, but you can easily replace it with apples or whatever you like.

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